Hello and welcome to my virtual kitchen. My name is Gabriela and I am fascinated by food. La Chef-A is my food blog and is my way of cataloging my adventure and sharing  along the way. It's a place I see as an extension of my kitchen. Here I meet old and new friends , share experiences, ideas, recipes, and most of all inspiration.
I prefer cooking from scratch, using natural fresh and raw ingredients as often as possible. I use my own-grown herbs and I prefer to buy my fruits and vegetables from farmer's market. My recipes are nor necessary healthy and neither are they very sophisticated but they are diverse and cover many ingredients, cuisines, countries and tastes. This blog has been a wonderful way for me to chronicle my culinary adventures and continually motivates me to improve my skills and try new things.

On a more personal note, I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful boys and I am an architect and designer. If you would like you can also see my art portfolio. I was born in Bucharest, Romania but now I am based in United States.

I welcome your comments and feedback.  I'd especially like to hear if the recipe worked for you or if you had any issues with it.

All photos are the sole property of La Chef-A.  Please do not reprint or otherwise post or distribute without my express written consent.

Please feel free to link back to my blog if there is a recipe and/or photo you'd like to share with others.

Enjoy and thank you!

La Chef-A food blog author



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